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Overview of the Worthy Parts process



As a Worthy Parts User you will have the option to search for either:

Parts, Components, Machinery and Vehicles




Professional Service Providers from around Australia. Worthy Parts is building an exclusive directory of service providers throughout regional Australia.


For any parts which are not in stock on the website, Contact Us and we can send an instant request to our database.

It is FREE to become a Worthy Parts Listing Member. As a Member you can list parts, components, machinery or vehicles.

The listing adverts are broken up into two sections – “Dealer Direct” adverts and “Classified” adverts.


Dealer Direct Adverts

List machinery & vehicles, plus parts or components which are purchased with a warranty. The directory advert will show the sellers contact details, and items can be purchased directly from the seller. A one-off $20+GST listing fee will apply to this type of advert. Further info see terms and conditions.


Classified Adverts

List parts and components which are to be sold without a warranty. The classified advert will not show the sellers contact details, just the region where the item is listed. All sales will incur a variable charge depending on the final sales price of the item – see terms and conditions for rates table.