ABBA Welding

ABBA Welding
6 Federal Road South Kalgoorlie WA 6430

Abba Welding & Fabrication offers a range of services that cater for industrial solutions.

  • Metal fabrication and repair
  • Poly Welding
  • Equipment Hire
  • Hydraulic punch and sheering
  • ABN: 89 093 337 270
  • Staff: 10-19
ABBA Welding
ABBA Welding
ABBA Welding
ABBA Welding
ABBA Welding
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About Us

ABBA Welding

 Introduction To Abba Welding.
Abba Welding & Fabrication offers a range of services that cater for industrial solutions. A combination of metal fabrication, mobile welding, polyethylene piping and dewatering specialties allows us to be exceptionally recognizable for providing solutions to the complex demands of the worlds leading mining companies.

By developing a high level of specialized services, we provide our client with depth of expertise and experience. At Abba Welding & Fabrication, we promise the absolute best service with a complete range of equipment at our modern workshop and mobile work trucks. 

Distinctive. Reliable
Partnership is fundamental to Abba Weldings Philosophy. We work closely with each partner to ensure we recognize their requirements and their future direction. From largest mining projects to private agricultural innovations, our solutions are designed to deliver clearly defined benefits to ensure each of our partners achieve their goals.

Versatile & Innovative.
We tend to deliver most innovative range of services when it comes to poly, steel and De-watering projects. Evidenced  by the development of large tailing dams, underground pipe relocations and welding. Abba Welding has the expertise and resources to help you achieve strategic objectives.

Leaders in our Industry.
We pride ourselves with having the largest training, technology and equipment within the Goldfields and the largest range of poly parts and accessories. All Abba Staff are trained and certified in different aspects of our field from Poly Welders, Heavy/Light Gauge Boilermakers, MIG/TIG Welding and Electro fusion and more. 

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