CQMS Razer

CQMS Razer
unit 2 /271 Treasure North Welshpool WA 6106

CQMS Razer is a global IP, engineering, software, and manufacturing company delivering innovative, Productivity Technology mining equipment to large mining operations globally

  • Surface Mining Technology
  • Wear Protection and Processing
  • Leaders in Global Engineering Innovation
  • Digital Technology
  • ABN: 11 010 402 990
  • Staff: 250+
  • Established: 1979
CQMS Razer
CQMS Razer
CQMS Razer
CQMS Razer
CQMS Razer
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About Us

CQMS Razer

As a leader in engineering innovation and manufacturing of mining equipment, our superior range includes hydraulic excavator cast lip systems, load haul optimization software systems, dragline buckets, ground engaging tools (G.E.T), dragline rigging, conveyor systems and fixed plant wear products.

We operate globally covering most major mining regions, with dual headquarters in the USA and Australia, plus manufacturing facilities spread throughout Australia and China, as well as our Global Technology Centre located in QLD, Australia.

We are a collaborative partner with the world’s best miners, delivering solutions that improve mining productivity, asset availability, and safety around the globe.

Productivity Technology is providing high productivity and performance-enhancing solutions to the World’s best miners. The technology behind our range, both products, and software are proven with extensive industry leading research, detailed data and case studies to support productivity outcomes.

We are continually pushing the boundaries of our technologies at our Technology Centre, developing solutions for the mine site of the future. The team integrates both product and software systems to deliver higher productivity outcomes, increased safety, and better decision-making capability using real-time data.

Our innovative solutions are backed by our team of Technical Field Support staff, strategically positioned around the key mining zones in Australia, plus our team of Dealer Managers supporting all global Dealer operations. Together with our team of Technical BD experts, Dealer branches, and Customer Service staff, we are available to support our customers globally, every day.

Our Product Managers and Engineers, who are experts in their fields, are positioned between our Global Head Office’s providing regional product expertise coverage to the wider team, ensuring we are delivering on our Productivity Technology promise.



October 03, 2018 CQMS Razer

CQMS Razer is pushing the boundaries of productivity with the Titan™ system. This video showcases how the mining information technology solution could benefit your mine site. Click Here to View ... Read More


October 03, 2018 CQMS Razer

Dragline CQ173 was bright blue, 45 tonne and a visible reminder for prostate cancer awareness. This is Bengalla’s eye catching Hurricane™ Read More... Read More


October 03, 2018 CQMS Razer

The very first CR Hurricane™ (CQ108) was a 46m class dragline bucket.  CQ108 went to dig in 2007 at South Walker Creek Mine located in the Bowen Basin. This Hurricane™ is still digging Read More... Read More

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