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Top Drill
Lot 34 Coath Road West Kalgoorlie WA 6430

Topdrill is a quality drilling service provider. We employ motivated and professional team members who are highly trained and nationally accredited.

  • Water Exploration
  • Diamond Drilling, RC Drilling & Hydro Drilling
  • Productive and Cost Effective Drilling Solutions
  • Industry Leading Rigs
  • Staff: 50-249
  • Established: 2005
Top Drill
Top Drill
Top Drill
Top Drill
Top Drill
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About Us

Top Drill

Welcome to Topdrill

Topdrill is a quality drilling service provider. We employ motivated and professional team members who are highly trained and nationally accredited. Topdrill actively promotes and fosters a “can do” company culture.

We utilise industry leading rigs for both remote and camp based exploration. We have completed successful programs in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, drilling for a variety of commodities.

Topdrill is committed to building a positive relationship with our clients by providing safe, productive and cost effective drilling solutions.

Mission & Core Values
Our values:

Implement and continuously improve a positive, behaviour based, safety culture throughout the organisation that will encourage personnel to view safety as a way of life, not only a condition of employment. We will encourage and reward a philosophy of reduced risk tolerance as we strive to achieve a corporate objective of zero injuries across our business units. Every member of our company will return home safely to their families at the end of each project.

Employ energetic, solution minded professionals to consistently meet and exceed our clients’ project requirements. By creating a work environment of universal respect that fosters a philosophy of safety, diversification and innovation, we encourage resourcefulness and practicality to confidently overcome challenges with enthusiasm and spirit.

Develop relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, honesty and integrity; maintain our relationships through exemplary service, open and honest communication, and a positive, solution focused work ethic. Embrace client feedback as we continually evolve and adapt our policies and procedures to satisfy changing industry standards.

Continually identify and implement the most technologically advanced drilling techniques to increase the efficiency and the accuracy of field data collection. Employ state of the art equipment to facilitate exemplary quality control and solidify our position as an industry leader.

Respect for the environment, taking all steps practical to minimize our footprint and mitigate any deleterious impacts as a result of our work. Be respectful and sensitive to the local community’s culture and customs in which we do business.

Construct corporate strategy for predicting and reacting to market demand through diversification and expansion; facilitate immediate term stability and the long term sustainability of Topdrill.


Our Team
Tim Topham established Topdrill in 2005 and remains at the company’s helm today.

Tim recruited and trained a crew of young and enthusiastic team members to form Topdrill and began operating with the philosophy that “a happy crew is a safe and productive crew”. This philosophy has remained and is fundamental to the way Topdrill operates.

All Topdrill employees hold current WA heavy vehicle drivers licences, First Aid Certificates, forklift ticket and have been through the companies own induction, including training for the company safe work procedures and emergency action plans. The crew also receives ongoing training and skill development on the job.

Topdrill is its people.
Teamwork is fundamental.
Topdrill attracts, employs and develops people with high skillsets who share our values. We encourage our people to stretch their capabilities and use their expertise and knowledge to help us deliver on our strategy and contribute to our Clients business success.
Across our workplaces, we encourage openness, trust, teamwork and diversity. Our people are treated fairly and with respect, and everyone has the opportunity to achieve to their full potential.
Our people live and work in some of Australia’s most dynamic and unforgiving environments. As part of the Topdrill team, they strive for excellence, are rewarded for high performance and are committed to working with integrity and in ways that are true to the Topdrill values.



June 21, 2018 Top Drill

Policies The Environment:Topdrill recognizes that the activities they perform impact directly and indirectly on the environment and on local communities with whom we interact.Topdrill endeavours to operate in a way that is both collaborative and sym... Read More


June 21, 2018 Top Drill

Services Remote RC Exploration Drilling: Deep RC drilling to 500m  Down hole surveying Large booster, 1000psi / 2800cfm  Automated dust suppression  Remote accommodation facilities Diamond Drilling: P, H and N wireline sizes  Deep DD d... Read More


June 21, 2018 Top Drill

SafetyThe safety and health of the employees of Topdrill is of vital importance. Safety is a condition of employment with our company and shall not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.We will encourage and reward a philosophy of reduced risk tol... Read More

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